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Nero Marquina marble and Teramo Quartz Marquina

Nero Marquina marble remains a classic and timeless favourite of discerning home owners around the world. The black and white tones strongly compliment every other element in a space.  The veining to this fireplace installed by Sangengalo Marble & Granite creates a perfect backdrop to the antique brass-work , and collectively makes a strong statement of oppulance and beauty.

We have stunning hand-picked Nero Marquina marble slabs * available in stock – ready for your year-end fireplace, bathroom revamp or wall cladding. Slabs may be viewed at our showroom, factory & warehouse Monday to Friday 07:00 to 16:00 (33 Cabernet Road, Saxenburg Park 1, Blackheath, 7580) – Click on Sangengalo to get directions. [* Stock available at time of publication].



If you have fallen in love with Nero Marquina marble, but are rightly concerned about the abovementioned limitations for your kitchen and bathroom vanity tops – the answer lies in our beautiful Teramo Quartz ™ Marquina. This is part of a premier quartz collection which offers a product that is non-porous, stain resistant, and heat resistant.

Teramo Quartz ™ Marquina is currently an extremely popular option in both the residential and commercial markets.

Slabs may be viewed at our showroom, factory & warehouse Monday to Friday 07:00 to 16:00 (33 Cabernet Road, Saxenburg Park 1, Blackheath, 7580) – Click on Sangengalo to get directions.

*Stock available at time of publication.










A Bantry Bay kitchen and scullery completed in the popular Teramo Quartz ™ Marquina.

Email: or call 021 907 1680 / 082 454 2404  for assistance




Tashas Cafe’ Nelson Mandela Square

In our article on the Love Story of marble and granite in Tashas Cafe’s we concluded by saying that “a new Tashas Café will soon be opening in Mandela Square, Johannesburg, where up to 90% of the interior will be covered in marble and granite.” 

Natashas own comment in an interview with Alec Hogg of in April 2015 was as follows:  “Nelson Mandela Square is coming, which is going to be an iconic site for us. It’s definitely the flagship…  and it’s a really big site. It is Nelson Mandela Square and we’re doing something spectacular on the piazza.”

What an exciting journey the last six months have been for the team at Sangengalo Marble & Granite, as we sourced, processed, and installed granite, marble and onyx from all over the  world  for  this  prestigious project. The  journey began  by  Neville Owen of  Sangengalo Marble & Granite  flying  over 30 000 kilometers – with a brief from Natasha Sideris and  Interior Architect Neydine Bak in terms of the specific material they were seeking. Neville successfully sourced fifteen different types and colors of granite, marble and onyx from all over the world, and it was exciting to eventually have the first site meeting at Nelson Mandela Square. The photo below records the event, with principal Interior Architect Neydine Bak, Neville Owen, Natasha Sideris, and assistant Interior Architect Elonah O’Neil Reid. The photo was taken in the vacant area which today houses Tashas Cafe’ Nelson Mandela Square – widely acclaimed as South Africa’s foremost marble & onyx installation for 2015. This is a great achievement for Neydine in terms of her stunning and detailed designs, Natasha in terms of her vision for the flag-ship of the Tashas Cafe’ franchise brand, and Neville and his team at Sangengalo Marble & Granite in terms of their execution of this aspect of the project.

NMS First site meeting

Installation of the complex and unique flooring was an absolute priority, in order for other trades to be able to proceed with their work. The 900 scallops to the Flamingo Room floor comprise of six materials; Persiano Onyx, Lepanto marble, Rosa Tea marble, Pearl White marble, Rosalia marble and Rojo Alicante marble. Each piece was carefully cut, crated, and transported to site in readiness for installation – with configuration of the pieces specified by Neydine. The entrance from Nelson Mandela Square has imposing red Lepanto marble floor slabs, adjoining the scalloped floor with a curved 60mm solid brass border between the areas. Both the scalloped floor and the Lepanto marble flooring adjoin an inter-leading area in Pearl White marble. The concrete column in the Flamingo Room needed to be clad in marble too, and the skilled artisans of Sangengalo Marble & Granite attended to this detail.

Tashas NMS Flamingo  Room Floor 2


  A close-up of the scalloped marble & onyx floor to the Flamingo Room, carefully laid by the craftsmen of Sangengalo Marble & Granite. While their factory is Cape Town based, their motto is to “Passionately meet the needs of discerning clients around the corner and around the world”. This motto has proven to be true again and again, as they regularly complete projects around the globe.

Scallops close up

The red Lepanto marble slabs lead to the outdoors seating area, and adjoins the Champagne Bar area.


The next task for the Sangengalo Marble & Granite team was to install the main bar counter tops. Visually the casual observer would not consider the fact that the upper bar counter completed in Onyx Miele’ had curved corners, with the whole upper level mitered to a vertical fascia. This allows for back-lighting to bring the natural hues of the onyx to life. Each foot of the Duck’s Feet lamps had to be individually fixed through the onyx. Persiano Onyx was utilized in the bar’s central unit, with under-lighting emphasizing the natural green of the onyx and casting its spell through the glasses and bottles standing on the counter.  The Caesarstone lower counter compliments the burnt orange of the Onyx Miele’ on the upper level.






With the main bar counters completed, attention was focused on the Champagne Bar.  The sheer weight of the individual pieces of stone which form this unit took some clever maneuvering to get them into position. The front and sides are carved and flamed African granite, with the upper and lower counters in honed Zimbabwe Black granite. These counters are mitered to an impressive 100mm in thickness. Solid brass decoration was fixed to the front and sides of the Champagne Bar, before the lighting was completed.

Get It (Joburg North) describes it like this;  “We wouldn’t all be Joburg North darlings if we didn’t have our favourite girly-spot. The new Tashas at Nelson Mandela Square has the same glamour we know and love … with an African twist. Sip a glass (or two) of  Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Rosé Epernay (R6000 a bottle) while enjoying one of the carefully crafted dishes. If the venue, champagne and cuisine don’t leave you feeling as glam as Elizabeth Taylor, nothing else will.” 

Champagne Bar


Interior Architect Neydine Bak’s detailed design packed into the relatively small area of the unisex WC is astounding. The book-matched Black Cloud Onyx slabs to the floor as well as to the walls of the toilet cubicles provides an impressive back-drop for the rest of the decor.  It is indeed a privilege to enjoy such incredible beauty in an area as potentially mundane as the WC, and any visitor to this area would be forgiven for pausing a little longer than expected!



It would be incredibly difficult to high-light a single item in the decor or furniture items which can be described as the piece de résistance of Tashas Cafe Nelson Mandela Square; but the shattered glass table, with Persiano Onyx legs, and brass trim probably comes close.  It is a unique masterpiece, which coincidentally serves the purpose of being a table.  This is indeed a worthy complement to the culinary fare prepared in the kitchen of Tashas Cafe Mandela Square, and yet another tribute to Interior Architect Neydine Bak.



The Welcome Desk is finished in flamed Namibian granite, with a solid brass writing top, and serves as an hor d’oeuvre to the granite, marble and onyx which dominates the decor in Tashas Cafe Nelson Mandela Square.



This three metre long Rosa Tea marble table which seats 8 guests has its twin legs also shaped out of Rosa Tea marble. It is a structural mystery how Sangengalo Marble & Granite were able to have such a long span in such fragile marble. But they did it! The pink hues of the Rosa Tea marble provides a subtle pointer to the theme colour of the Flamingo Room, situated behind the main bar counter.

Rosa Tea table


The decor theme spills over into the Take Away section, with Persiano Onyx used as counters to the back units, and solid brass to the front. The Onyx continued between the counters and the upper cabinets in breath-taking wall cladding, providing the hurried client with a glimpse of what the remainder of Tashas Cafe Nelson Mandela Square holds within.

Tashas NMS Take Away

The outdoor area is bordered by a generous number of granite planters, elegantly drawing the core theme of the restaurant outside. Flamed Namibian granite was used by Sangengalo for the planters, providing a contained dining space.

Planters 1



It was a real privilege working alongside all those who played a part in putting this amazing restaurant together, including the factory team at Sangengalo Marble & Granite – ably managed by Brent Owen and the installation teams, just as ably managed by Jeff Owen. The artisans in each trade were obvious craftsmen in their area of specialization; passionate about what they do. It is this passion which makes Tashas Cafe Nelson Mandela Square and every other Tashas Cafe what it is today, initiated by the passion Natasha Sideris has for her industry, and indeed for all that she does.

                                                                                   Neville Owen – Founder & Owner of Sangengalo Marble & Granite.

                                                                                       Photos by Jacque Le Roux (Omega Photography) &  David Ross.


Marble countertops versus Granite. What is the difference? Which is more suitable for my kitchen? What should I use for my bathroom?

Many homeowners speak about having “marble-tops” to their kitchen; without knowing the differences between marble and granite. The purpose of this article is to highlight the properties and uses of marble and granite in counter-tops, wall cladding and flooring, and to ensure that you choose the right product for the job. While engineered stone is an extremely popular alternative, we are limiting our discussion in this article to marble and granite. We will write a separate article on engineered stone.

Granite is volcanic rock, and is therefore extremely hard and durable. Its crystalline structure is far more resistant to abrasions, staining and discoloration than marble. It is generally used far more widely for kitchen countertops than marble. It is also suitable to be used as tiles and wall-cladding in high traffic areas. Lighter-coloured granite may be somewhat porous, but can be sealed to prevent moisture penetration. This is achieved with a liquid silicon-sealer, which draws into the microscopic gaps between the stone particles, thus inhibiting moisture and stain penetration. Feel free to review our current granite slabs in stock at We also source some granite from local wholesalers. If you don’t find a suitable granite in our range, feel free to contact Morne’ Mostert or Melvin Stober from our office on +27 21 907 1680 in order to arrange slab viewing at one of our preferred wholesalers. We are able to provide various finishes to granite, including polished, honed, leathered, flamed, or antiqued. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.Currently (August 2015) an antique or leathered finish is proving popular.

Granite tops such as this  one can be used in your kitchen or out-doors.

Granite tops such as this one can be used in your kitchen or out-doors. The natural beauty of granite is always appealing.


Marble is calcified limestone, and its polished surface is susceptible to deterioration by the acidic action of some detergents and acidity content such as that which is contained in lemon juice. Red wine and oil will also stain marbles.  Marble is generally used in bathrooms for countertops, wall cladding and flooring. It is softer than granite, and can scratch more easily. However; there is a recent swing back to using marble in kitchens, and accepting scratches and stains as a contribution to the “character” of the kitchen. Some Italian residences that are hundreds of years old have traditional marble countertops, and obviously have staining and scratching. The stone’s natural patina (the colour change that occurs over time) enhances rather than diminishes the antique character and beauty of the kitchen and home. If marble is used in your kitchen, any stain should be wiped up immediately with a warm soapy cloth to prevent obvious staining.

Marble is not always installed with a polished finish, and it is possible to hone or acid-wash the upper surface. A honed finish simply involves the removal of the smooth polished finish with polishing blocks, while an acid-washed finish will leave a slightly textured upper surface. View our marble stock on or contact us for assistance.

A beautiful Arabascato marble slab, ready to be transformed into a feature vanity, wall cladding, staircase or flooring.

A beautiful Arabascato marble slab at Sangengalo Marble and Granite, ready to be transformed into a feature vanity, wall cladding, staircase or slab-format flooring.

LARGER PROJECTS: We are able to source virtually any marble or granite for your project, and with about a six-week lead time, can specifically source material for your project at extremely competitive pricing from around the world.

Neville Owen is the Founder and General Manager of Sangengalo Marble and Granite, which itself is a founder member of the Kitchen Specialist Association of South Africa Stone and Surface Fabricators Forum (established in 2014). Neville serves on the KSA Stone & Surface Fabricators Forum Committee with the portfolio of Industry Standards. He also serves on the KSA Western Cape Committee

Neville Owen – Founder and Owner of Sangengalo Marble and Granite

Neville Owen is the Founder and General Manager of Sangengalo Marble and Granite, which itself is a founder member of the Kitchen Specialist Association of South Africa Stone and Surface Fabricators Forum (established in 2014). Neville serves on the KSA Stone & Surface Fabricators Forum Committee with the portfolio of Industry Standards. He also serves on the KSA SA Western Cape Committee. Feel free to contact Neville on 082 454 2404 or for your residential or commercial project requirements.

Dreamy Marfil Caesarstone counter-tops

Mitred Dreamy Marfil Caesarstone counter-tops.

Sangengalo Marble and Granite regards itself as part of a much larger team that delivers the dream kitchen to their mutual clients. This was true for the Dreamy Marfil Caesarstone counter-tops installed for homeowner Gretta Tappscott. Sangengalo consistently satisfies their clients by providing excellent service and solutions according to specifications provided, and deliver personal fulfillment through authentic and caring attention and support. Their cohesive team of well-trained and motivated employees operating in their recognized function passionately share the company’s purpose and vision to supply superior solutions and deliver excellent customer service and support.

Sangengalo 23 June 2015-62                   Sangengalo 23 June 2015-59

Homeowner Gretta Tappscott comments as follows; “I so enjoy my fabulous “full cream” kitchen and would like to highly commend Sangengalo Marble & Granite as well as Silverbirch Kitchens for an excellent job done. Their attention to detail and relentless determination to release a quality product deserves to be acknowledged and I would highly recommend both these companies. Two years on and my kitchen still looks and feels brand new. Of course, compliments must be paid to the highly skilled designers, Nicky Preston and Kevin Anderson of Silverbirch Kitchens and Sangengalo’s Neville Owen. Well done to all of you and your teams and thank you so much for your perseverance in striving to create a perfect kitchen!”

Sangengalo 23 June 2015-65

Sangengalo Marble and Granite has a clear understanding that the key to client satisfaction on the final outcome of a kitchen installation is multi-faceted. It is a combination of an understanding of the clients personal taste, careful planning of the unique space in which the kitchen is created, artistic confidence, and practical application of key design principles.  Based on the above rationale, the team at Sangengalo Marble and Granite understand the importance of the correct counter-top material being chosen and installed on each individual project. Support is therefore offered to architects, designers, joiners, and clients alike in this vital step.  Successful delivery of the end product is an incredibly fulfilling and often emotional event!

Sangengalo 23 June 2015-72

It is very important that every member of the team at Sangengalo Marble and Granite has an eye for detail. Over-hangs on an under-slung bowl such as the one below fitted to Gretta Tappscott’s 20mm Dreamy Marfil Caesarstone kitchen top are vital.  The exact positioning of the tap is also vital, as well as the manner in which the under-slung bowl is fixed to the under-side of the Caesarstone. The height of a splash-back as well as the manner in which it is affixed is another important detail. The final outcome is pleasing to the eye, practical, and enduring. These principles are high-lighted in the bi-weekly staff training sessions at Sangengalo Marble and Granite, and ensure high quality workmanship is maintained.

Sangengalo 23 June 2015-70

“The kitchen really is the castle itself. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family.” 

                                     Mario Batali – American chef, writer, restaurateur, and media personality


Feel free to call company owner Neville Owen on 082 454 2404 or email him on for your corporate or personal marble, granite, engineered stone or Neolith requirements.

Sangengalo 23 June 2015-60

Steenberg Esate Frosty Carrina Caesarstone island 2

Frosty Carrina and Snow White Caesarstone counter-tops to Steenberg Estate

Sangengalo Marble and Granite appreciates the privilege of completing Caesarstone installations to prestigious land-mark estates such as Steenberg Estate. Our team worked closely with Silverbirch Kitchen’s owner Kevin Anderson and their in-house designer Nicky Preston to successfully complete this exciting project. The large kitchen island takes a prominent position, and provides practical work-surface from every area in the kitchen. It also houses an under-counter microwave, and provides seating for four guests. The challenge for the team at Sangengalo Marble and Granite was to manufacture an island top measuring 270 cm x 130 cm, with the 20mm Frosty Carrina Caesarstone seamlessly mitred to 60mm. The stunning island top compliments the taupe antique hand-painted solid wood joinery.

 Steenberg Estate Frosty Carrina Caesarstone island

The remainder of the kitchen is hand-painted in an off-white shade, providing a contrast to the island joinery. The Snow White Caesarstone tops were also mitred to 60mm by the Sangengalo factory team. Detail to the butler-sink and counter top juncture was an aspect that required consideration.  The finished appearance worked out well, with an elegant 20mm thick lip to the sink.

Steenberg Estate Snow White Caesarstone with Butler sink Steenberg Estate 20mm Snow White Caesarstone to Butler Sink

Detail to the ledge behind the free-standing gas oven was given by designer Nicky Preston; to provide an aesthetically pleasing yet practical spot for easy access to various items. This information was successfully communicated to the experienced Sangengalo Marble and Granite template-maker, who accurately prepared the required templates for our factory. The results are pleasing to the eye, timeless, yet practical.

Steenberg Esate 20mm Snow White Caesarstone ledge behind oven

The elegant braai-unit is also complimented by a 20mm Snow White Caesarstone top mitred to 60mm. The round under-slung prep bowl is thoughtfully positioned to one side, allowing enough work-space at the braai for when there’s a lot of action!

Steenberg Estate 20mm Snow White Caesarstone built up to 60mm at braai

While it is a privilege for Sangengalo Marble and Granite to be involved in projects such as this one in Steenberg Estate, it reflects the high level of competence, professionalism and experience of our teams. Our well-structured Internal Processes ensure high levels of customer service, with client-communication a standard practice every step of the way.  Our large state-of-the-art factory managed by Brent Owen and our motivated installation teams managed by Jeffrey Owen  ensures the successful complete of numerous installations such as this one every week.

If you would like our company owner to attend to your personal or corporate marble, granite, and Caesarstone or Neolith requirements, feel free to email Neville Owen on



The Love Story of marble and granite in Tashas Cafe’s

Strong relationships are often forged when those involved in a challenging task or project achieve success despite tight deadlines and seemingly insurmountable hurdles. Such was the case when Natasha Sideris called on Sangengalo Marble and Granite at the eleventh hour to install a feature piece in Namib Rose marble to Tashas Waffle House in Constantia Cape Town. Sangengalo’s team rose to the occasion and worked right through the night (all the while being plied with great coffee!) in order to complete the stunning piece in time for the grand opening. Natasha’s sharp eye for detail appreciated the comprehensive effort that went into the complex marble unit, with its bird’s beak joints and storage recesses. This led to further appointments for Sangengalo Marble and Granite within Tashas Cafe’s.




Besides the obvious passion for her unique, diverse and creative culinary fare, Natasha’s passion for natural stone comes through strongly in her restaurants. While the first Tashas store had mostly marble in the design, Natasha has begun a love affair with granite surfaces over the last number of years.

‘With granite there are so many different ways that you can apply the material to make it look contemporary and timeless. Granite has different looks: you can tumble, flame and polish it to different effect. I love that granite is really strong and how you can get such amazing, natural colours and patterns! I currently use it on counters and table tops, and I plan to include it in our upcoming homeware ranges too.’



Tashas V & A Waterfront Cape Town was next for the team at Sangengalo Marble and Granite. The brief from Interior Architect Neydine Bak was for antique flamed Artosha granite (quarried in Namibia) to the dining tables and cladding; honed Artosha granite to the preparation areas, and two 60mm thick feature tables with antique flamed edge detail. NB Designs paid close attention to the choice of granite, finishes, and edge detail – ensuring correct interpretation of her innovative and exciting design; which in this case was a Spanish tapas-inspired theme. Most flaming of the granite to create an antique appeal took place at the Sangengalo factory premises in Cabernet Road, Saxenburg Park 1, ensuring uniformity in the finish between upper surfaces and the edges. Many of the photographs in the recently launched Tashas cookbook (which displays classic café recipes) have the antique flamed Artosha granite as the background to the amazing dishes on offer!











When asked what her favourite surface was to work on, Natasha replied:

‘The marble counter at the Hyde Park store – The bread maker uses the marble surface to make bread everyday because the cold temperature is good for preparing the dough.’

Tashas Canal Walk was the next franchise roll-out in Cape Town, and Sangengalo Marble and Granite was asked to provide granite for all the counter-tops, as well as to fit marble to match existing columns in Canal Walk. After much deliberation on which granite to use, Interior architect and designer Neydine Bak opted for Kashmir Valley, which complimented every other aspect of the interior – and regular client images on testify to the beauty and practicality of granite as a restaurant surface.














A new Tashas café will soon be opening in Mandela Square, Johannesburg, where up to 90% of the interior will be covered in marble and granite. Tashas enthusiasts can also expect two new waffle houses popping up in Bedfordview and Mandela Square, which will feature beautiful, natural stone surfaces.

Were always looking to improve thats the thing that keeps us a cut above the rest. We never settle in the success, she says.

‘In South Africa we’re going to stop at 15 stores, but we’re about to start expanding in the Middle East.’ Natasha will be moving to Dubai for a few months to add more outlets to the existing one there, but plans to commute to keep in touch with things in SA.

Look out for new Tashas innovations, coming soon:

  • The Tashas online store will offer Tashas kitchenware including glasses, ceramics, granite salad bowls and salt and pepper bowls made out of natural stone.
  • The first Tashas cookbook displaying classic café recipes hit the shelves in February 2015; and the second Tashas cookbook is being put together already. The next recipe book will feature each restaurant’s signature dishes and some exciting waffle house creations!
  •  Two new Tashas outlets will be coming soon to Bedfordview and Mandela Square


Photo’s courtesy of Rudi’s Choice. Wholesalers of Rudi’s Choice Marble and Granite.

All of your senses will be galvanized in the sumptuous dining and banqueting experience at The Reserve.

Restoration of The Reserve at Taj Cape Town

Taj, Cape Town is located in the historic BOE building (previously Temple Chambers and SA Reserve Bank headquarters) between St Georges Mall and Adderley Street. It’s architectural and interior design team have earned an impressive track record in meticulous and mindful preservation of the building, with The Reserve at Taj now added to its existing stately facilities. The Reserve’s exterior dates back to 1927 when the building was constructed for Standard Bank, with the site originally serving African Banking Corporation from 1894.

The striking five-story facade of Paarl Granite with its majestic fluted columns is strongly representative of a bygone era. “When faced with this unique heritage listed building and its valuable history, we decided that the timeless facade, and the interior, with its period bronze fittings and fixtures, should take centre stage. All the modern conveniences and technology should operate almost invisibly in supporting roles,” says Michael Pownall, General Manager of Taj, Cape Town.

Sangengalo Marble and Granite was commissioned to restore the interior marble cladding of The Reserve. We also replaced some of the damaged floor pieces and installed hand-crafted Zimbabwe Black granite dado rails to the rest-rooms.  Granite was also installed to the stately fire-place in the teak-panelled Bank Manager’s office. It was a great privilege for our team to work alongside Paul Luck (Principal at Lightspace Architects – and Donovan Brown of Brown and Barrow Projects ( We enjoyed playing a role in the extremely successful refurbishment of this grand old dame!

The ground floor banking hall with its green and sky rose marble clad walls provides a banqueting and conference facility par excellence. Up to 230 guests can be seated at a glamorous banquet, or it can accommodate up to 400 guests at a lavish cocktail party. If the facility is required for business purposes, up to 200 seated delegates can be accommodated. The Reserve at Taj Cape Town complements the hotel’s existing banquet and corporate venues of the renovated BOE Building. Any enquiries for the facility can be emailed to

Taj Banqueting Taj Banqueting 1